8870 Sunart Ct, Dublin; Albert, Michael R Sr Josa J to Aziz, Amber; $375,000.

864 Crayfish Ct, Delaware; Rockford Homes Inc to 3 Pillars Homes LLC; $146,000.

9916 Glasgow Ct, Dublin; Gibbs, Daniel Strout & Susan Mary co-trustees to Coletta, Charles & Jennifer; $562,500.

1355 Big Bluestem Way, Sunbury; Rockford Homes Inc to Barker, Andrew R & Laura D; $475,149.

4879 St Andrews Dr, Westerville; Giasi, Michael J & Trudy to Weeks, Mary Ellen & Steven; $353,500.

1053 Little Bear Dr, Lewis Center; Winstead Properties Ltd & MC Premier Properties Ltd to Smucker, Jordan L & Courtney M; $296,240.

1057 Little Bear Dr, Lewis Center; Winstead Properties Ltd & MC Premier Properties Ltd to Anderson, James K & Carolyn J; $319,945.

1075 Little Bear Dr, Lewis Center; Winstead Properties Ltd & MC Premier Properties Ltd to Houser, Thomas J & Michele P; $295,670.

1211 Hooverview Dr, Westerville; Cafarella, Brian A & Jamie E to Savage, John H & Corchinski, Katherine D; $385,000.

7396 Harriott Rd, Dublin; Mueller, Markus to Wolf, Judith Ann; $218,500.

478 Melick Dr, Delaware; Glenross North LLC to NVR Inc; $93,500.

7698 Talavera Dr, Galena; Vinmar Investment Limited to NVR Inc; $95,000.

15 Scottwood Ct, Delaware; Ferko, Gregory A Laura J to Meiser, Kelsey & Ralston, Michael; $133,000.

6291 Falcon Chase Dr, Westerville; Salehi, Yama M & Baqai, Frozann to Nyark, Christian A &

Mensah, Juliana J; $339,900.

9589 Fair Oaks Dr, Powell; Romanelli and Hughes Building Company to Peters, Nancy K; $537,450.

6844 Blue Church Rd, Sunbury; Sheafer, James C to Griggs, Adam N & Katherine I; $443,900.

210 Long Trl, Ostrander; Westport Homes Inc to Mazur, Lauren M & Lech R; $466,091.

2912 E Powell Rd, Columbus; Jad Property Management II LLC to Ketner, Deborah Lynn; $180,900.

5687 Pinewild Dr, Westerville; Freeman, Jeffrey L Amy O to Williams, Dominique & Clement L; $330,000.

5924 Bluestone Way, Lewis Center; Olentangy Crossing LLC to Ammar, Ghada & Gheith Hazen M; $245,405.

95 Isaac Ln, Delaware; NVR Inc to Third Gen Equities LLC; $227,322.

Centerburg Rd, Centerburg; RFG Properties LLC to Thorpe, Tracy J & Micah, $373,000.

129 Ellicot Rd, Delaware; Medrock LLC to NVR Inc; $45,300.

5481 Grand Ridge Dr, Galena; Ahonen, William O Trustee to Gilani, Bahram & Virginia; $253,900.

5651 Greenfield Dr, Galena; Heis, Gregory S & Jennifer L to Assenheimer, David & Tracy; $334,000.

578 Bettmann St, Delaware; Griggs, Katherine & Adam to Stover, Shawn A & Tiffany D; $250,000.

83 Liberty Ridge Ave, Powell; Besco LLC to Brinker, Chris & Katie; $299,900.

8995 Shaffer Dr, Powell; Rubadeux, David & Kelly to Buehrer, Stephen P & Catherine J; $599,000.

107 Slate Ct, Delaware; Bell, James J & Lyndell Y to Vernau, Kellie E & Michelle; $220,000.

3598 Hickory Rock Dr, Powell; Lauber, Scott R Trois T to Xu Xianyao & Han Mei; $423,000.

9163 Misty Dawn Dr, Columbus; Giacomelli, William F Jr & Nicole to You, Jiayi; $275,000.

377 Meadcrest Ct, Westerville; Robb, Thomas Michael Trustee to Seeley, Warren W & Wendy S; $373,500.

6579 Collingwood Dr, Westerville; Mullis, Rebecca H to Mentlow, Meghan & David; $262,000.

8642 Lazelle Village Dr, Lewis Center; Miller, Marie E to Trout, Rick; $241,000.