35 Butterfield Ln, Powell; Mainzer, Jacob E & Sullivant, Kristin E to Reynolds, David R; $277,900.

3430 Foxcroft Dr, Lewis Center; Hartzell, Heather Dugan to Hanneke, Keith P & Beverly G; $407,500.

8043 Farm Crossing Cir, Powell; 4247 Properties LLC to Caldwell, Andrea M; $230,900.

5544 Heathrow Dr, Powell; Crooks, Keith E Christine M to Darby, Mary & David; $775,000.

7395 Peachland Dr, Westerville; Tremaine, Jeffrey F & Pamela J to Daines, Cynthia R; $549,900.

20 Columbus Ave, Delaware; Green, Robert E & Mitzi L to Fols Llc; $155,000.

326 Ridgefield Dr, Delaware; NVR Inc to Baria, Joshua G & Chelsea E; $256,130.

1171 Little Bear Loop, Lewis Center; Bear Ventures LLC to French, Leonard F & Mei Hua; $363,500.

224 Landemere Ct, Delaware; Kennedy, Brian E & Sherri A to Glick, Jeremy & Ashley; $250,500.

170 Orangewick Dr, Lewis Center; Backora, Iva R to Wise, James E; $269,900.

9078 Ellersly Dr, Lewis Center; Liu, Wei & Li Jiayu to Khairi, Ghazwan N& Alkhari, Dana; $200,000.

286 Hawthorn Blvd, Delaware; Nolan Twin Properties LLC to Alford, Alex E; $250,000.

180 Olentangy Crossings , Delaware; Tyree, Wendy L to Merkowitz, Rose E & James; $408,400.

305 Meadow Ash Dr, Lewis Center; Gubernath, Laurie K & Stout, Nancy L to Heinmiller, Jason; $255,750.

5395 Anacala Ct, Westerville; Kj Farm Properties LLC to Seegers-Hunter, Karen; $500,000.

295 Woodsfield Ct, Powell; Shaner, Steven J & Katherine Hyler to Mcfarland, Kathryne L; $375,000.

115 Shelbourne Forest Way, Delaware; Hervert, Katherine L to Schweller, Megan L; $116,000.

384 Seatrain Dr, Delaware; Boyd, Taggart S & Christy M to Till, Ashley N & Thomas P; $305,000.

5852 Willow Bend Ln, Westerville; Phillips, Stephen C & Tonya L to Mcmaster, Vicki M; $524,000.

16843 Boston Rd, Sunbury; Suplicki, Mark J to Moore, Robert V Jr & Heidi A; $274,500.

45 N Vernon St, Sunbury; Mckenzie, Shellie to Jacqson Properties Inc; $120,000.

114 Pennsylvania Ave, Delaware; Demmitt, David Thomas to Compton, Michael & Molly; $238,000.

142 Caboose Ln, Delaware; Eck, Heather C to Efland, David M & Amy; $485,000.