BV community doing ‘what’s right for the kids’

By Alex Hulvalchick -

During its first meeting since schools were ordered closed by Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine, Buckeye Valley Board of Education discussed the progress being made to ensure students are getting the most out of the new distance learning model.

Superintendent Andrew Miller stated, “Making plans with the coronavirus and not having school is kind of like putting together a puzzle without having the picture on the box to look at. We have no idea what the final thing is going to be and were trying to fit all these pieces together.”

There have been steps made to make the transition as easy as possible for students. Those who don’t have computer access at home were able to pick up Chromebooks from the school to use. Spectrum has also donated its services to homes without internet capabilities so students can continue to learn.

Remote learning began for Buckeye Valley students Wednesday, and it will continue until spring break begins March 30.

Board member Jeff White raised questions as to how the distance learning has been fairing for students. Miller responded by stating, “As of now, two days out, things are going okay.”

Miller stressed the need for flexibility for both teachers and students, as this is a new experience for all.

“In the end, students’ grades will not be penalized if they don’t have access at certain times,” he said.

Case managers for students with special education needs are reaching out to families to ascertain the easiest way to stay connected during the time in-person teaching is suspended.

Meals are being offered to students who qualify for the Free and Reduced Lunch Price program. Pickup locations are at Buckeye Valley Middle School, Buckeye Valley East, and Buckeye Valley West. Meals consist of breakfast and lunch for the student. The amount of meals that can be picked up varies by day.

If families want to pick up meals, the next scheduled date is Monday, March 23, from 4 to 6 p.m. Five meals can be picked up on that day. Meals will not be served over spring break. Over 100 meals have been given to families so far.

For more detailed information, visit Buckeye Valley Local Schools website.

Students and parents are encouraged to reach out to teachers with questions via their email. A full list can be found on the district website under staff directory. General questions can be sent to

Miller ended his update saying, “I’m going to put out a message to the community on Friday and that’s part of what I’m going to try to hit that these are things that we can tell you but there’s still things that we’re kind of in the dark about. We are working through them. We check all the updates. I think everybody from parents to grandparents to staff across the board here at Buckeye Valley have all really tried to pull together and do what’s right for the kids.”

By Alex Hulvalchick

Alex Hulvalchick can be reached at 740-413-0902 or on Twitter @amhulvalchick.

Alex Hulvalchick can be reached at 740-413-0902 or on Twitter @amhulvalchick.