‘Our Town’ a great performance

My wife and I attended, “Our Town” play by the Hayes Thespian Class Friday night. Our conclusion was, “what a monumental task” those young future leaders of this community performed. This elite group of young people are the future leaders for this city., state, and government.

Through their efforts and leadership roles they have demonstrated that our future is in good hands.

The third act of the play was very emotional. We learned to say good-byes that must be said; to dismantle the structure of living we’ve out grown to move on the message of autumn, shedding the old in order to welcome the new.

Hope the new season ripening inside them, hope for a harvest of new growth in their lives. Hope in God, who makes all things new and possible.

These energetic, enthusiastic young adults are concerned with the future of Delaware.

We hope some day one of these young thespians will write a play about their town, “Delaware, OH”. Thank you all for a wonderful evening and the warm recognition given to us.

— Councilman Joseph J. DiGenova