New railroad bridge won’t help congestion


My comments on building a new railroad bridge at the point over East Central and East. William Street, routes 36-37.

Widen the road in two lanes each direction with additional turn lanes will not alleviate congestion on Central Avenue, Williams Street, 23 North and South or 42 North or South. It will only make things worse on city police and fire department, and people of Delaware.

There is between 600-800 semi-trucks and trailers coming into Delaware and leaving every day. Also thousands of cars. Another thing if they build a new railroad bridge then all of the trains going North or South will be routed through Delaware how long 1 year or more and the cost of building a new railroad bridge is around $23 million and will not alleviate congestion on Central Avenue and William Street or any other streets in the city.

I believe the city of Delaware, ODOT and state of Ohio should spend the $23 million on a bypass around Delaware. This would make more sense than building a railroad bridge at the point. This will alleviate congestion in Delaware.

-James Mardin