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It is 4 a.m. and this columnist has a headache of epic proportion. The trifecta of presidential debates concluded a few hours ago. Potentially to blame for this migraine was having viewed the acidic combativeness of the two Presidential candidates verbally sparring on national television.

Neither candidate is this columnist’s first choice. Gov. Kasich would have received the writer’s vote despite that he dated a college friend of this columnist’s, which ended badly. His demeanor, likeability and political experience far exceed the lack of humility and bullish temperament of the 2016 Republican nominee.

Governor Kasich when interviewed from Columbus on CBS This Morning earlier this week stated that “the Republican candidate would not be receiving his vote.” When our state’s Republican Governor is against the 2016 nominee, voters should listen.

Hillary Clinton is no Mother Theresa. She represents the bespectacled and socially awkward class valedictorian who was obsessively over-prepared but not popular with peers. Despite her admitted misdeeds, she will receive my vote for President.

Our government system is broken. At times your columnist thinks it is beyond repair.

Attempting to redirect the Titanic takes courage and the type of personality that does not care about peer popularity. Despite her flaws, it is time for a woman to become president. Men have ruled this country for too long and a change of gender is overdue.

The United States is one of the last and largest nations to only have all-male rulers. Presently, 12 countries have women serving as their President, including Austria, Chile, Croatia, Estonia, Liberia, Lithuania, Malta, the Marshall Islands, Mauritius, Nepal, South Korea and Taiwan. Some of the more prominent countries that have been ruled by female presidents are Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Costa Rica, Ireland, Israel, Panama, South Africa, and Switzerland, along with a host of smaller nations.

Eight women are serving in 2016 as Prime Minister, which includes Bangladesh, Germany, Namibia, Norway, Poland, the United Kingdom, and several obscure entities.

Previous female prime ministers have held that position in Australia, Canada, Croatia, Denmark, Finland, France, Greece, Iceland, Lithuania, New Zealand, Pakistan, Turkey, and Yugoslavia, just to name a few of the larger countries. Most notable of the female prime ministers have been Indira Gandhi, Golda Meir, and Margaret Thatcher, and now Germany’s Angela Merkel who has held the post since 2005.

“Bringing in an outsider” from the business world might seem to be that “needed change of course” for our country. However, the selected Republican candidate represents the stereotypical school yard bully who enjoys gaining power via intimidation and blaming others. This writer has become so incensed by his problematic tactics and outward denial of obvious and unwanted sexual advances towards many females that she refuses to type his full name.

His lack of self-control, questionable business tactics, problematic temperament, scowling expression, comb-over hideous hair and orange-hued spray tan, have motivated the columnist to continue purging her house in preparation for an out-of-country relocation if he is elected President of the United States. Other Delaware friends are considering Germany as their permanent destination should “The Donald” become victorious in his quest for the White House.

This columnist will gladly choose the “class valedictorian” versus the “school yard bully” on Nov. 8. Please Ohio and Delaware County citizens, listen to Governor Kasich. Think before you vote.

Casting a ballot for the cooler-headed female candidate could lessen the potential of nuclear siege. A trigger-happy world power potentially will end our existence after being infuriated by an inevitable problematic tirade from this Republican hot-head who desires to become our leader.

It is also time the United States follows many other prominent countries by allowing a female to become the Commander-In-Chief.

Mariann Main

Contributing Columnist

Mariann Main is a Delaware native and licensed as a counselor in Ohio. She can be reached via e-mail at [email protected]

Mariann Main is a Delaware native and licensed as a counselor in Ohio. She can be reached via e-mail at [email protected]