Shearer: We only have one United States of America

By Alaina Shearer - Guest columnist

As fall approaches, I am filled with sadness of what we’ve lost as a nation. In addition to more than 170,000 American souls lost, our economy will take years and years to recover.

There are also the little things that autumn usually brings. This will be the first fall in 14 years that I’m not buying school supplies for my kids, rushing them off to soccer practice, or coaching their team. Another fall favorite of ours is pumpkin farms and haunted houses. None of that will be the same. And on top of it all, due to our teenager daughter’s severe asthma, my husband and I’s children won’t be going to school in person.

But something else will make this fall different than any other for our family. Mom is running for Congress. It’s the greatest honor of my life, aside from winning first place at the Roop’s Mac & Cheese Cook Off last year, and as an American, I feel this is my chance to pay it forward to the country that has given myself and my family so much. We only have one United States of America. And I can now safely say that I will do whatever it takes to protect our people, our union and our future. All of which is at risk right now thanks to career politicians who will stop at nothing, absolutely nothing, in order to keep their seats.

Instead of doing everything in his power to contain COVID-19, my opponent has spent the past six months playing the blame game. You have seen many of his op-eds in this paper. He spends his time stoking the flames of an already tenuous relationship with a world power. And, I don’t know about you, but picking a fight with China should be last on our list right now. Step one is containing COVID-19, not shifting blame. How is our congressman not solely focused on containing COVID-19 and protecting the health of our residents? I simply can not understand the rationale, and yes, like you, I’m quite skeptical of any career politician.

As the founder of a tech startup and as a mom, I can tell you that ignoring a crisis is absolutely no way to handle one. Instead, we need leaders who can face our nation’s challenges and meet this moment head on. I am that leader, and I am ready for the task at hand.

From my days as an award winning journalist to my most recent accomplishment of building a national network for women in digital and tech, I can promise you that if elected I will hold Washington politicians like Troy Balderson accountable for their actions or inactions. I will also ask the tough questions, make the tough decisions leaders must make in times like these, and I will always strive to bring us together rather than tear us apart. The people of District 12 deserve a swift and decisive response to contain COVID-19, an affordable healthcare system that lowers prescription drug costs and immediately caps our out of pocket costs, and new jobs designed for the future not the past.

I’m here and I’m listening. Please reach out to

By Alaina Shearer

Guest columnist

Alaina Shearer is running for Congress in Ohio’s 12th District.

Alaina Shearer is running for Congress in Ohio’s 12th District.