Letter to the editor: ‘Giving their lives for freedom for all nations’


To the editor:

For many who read this, it will be a history lesson, one I am sure the Department of Education did not teach you in school if you are less than 40 years old.

Seventy-two years ago — on June 6, 1944 — 150,000 Allied soldiers slammed into Hitler’s seemly impregnable Atlantic wall. Three British, one Canadian and five American divisions jumped into or went ashore, smashing Hitler’s dream of world dominance.

When President Roosevelt went on the radio to address the American people the next morning, many stopped what they were doing and went to church to pray. Cars stopped in the streets of every city. Passengers and drivers actually got out of their vehicles right in the street to pray for the young soldiers who were giving their lives for freedom for all nations.

Almost every family in America knew of a young man who was most likely putting his life on the line for their freedom.

(This) is a time to put aside political differences to honor and remember those of the Greatest Generation, military and civilian, who sacrificed so much so that we could live in a free (world) today. To those soldiers and civilians of that generation, I salute you.

Christopher A. Acker