Letter to the editor: ‘City strives to encourage atmosphere of inclusion’


To the editor:

The Fourth of July celebration in the city of Delaware is always a special day. While the day overall was a success, I am disappointed that one of the floats in the annual Fourth of July parade displayed a Confederate flag. Numerous residents have expressed shock and dismay that this happened. I agree. The city strives to encourage an atmosphere of inclusion and therefore opposes the message conveyed by the Confederate flag.

While I vehemently object to the use of the Confederate flag, the parade is organized by a private group, not the city. We provide no funding for the event and play no role in reviewing parade participants.

With that said, the city, through staff, has made its displeasure over the inclusion of the Confederate flag in the parade known to the organizers. The city acknowledges and appreciates all of the efforts that the parade organizers expend to provide the citizens of Delaware with a parade on Independence Day and it is our hope that, next year, the organizers of the parade will take steps to ensure that the parade can be enjoyed by everyone.

Carolyn Kay Riggle