Letter to the editor: ‘All votes count, all voices should be heard’


To the editor:

The NAACP national convention will be in Cincinnati this week, coinciding with the Republican National Convention in Cleveland. The theme of the NAACP national convention is “Our Lives Matter, Our Votes Count,” highlighting voter education, voter protection and voter mobilization, and could not be more apt.

This November, all votes count and all voices should be heard. Convening at the same time as the NAACP convention, the RNC will feature the crowning of the “King of Debt,” Donald Trump. Trump has been outspoken in silencing voices. He proposes building walls and deporting people who are not like him. This infuriates me.

In the spirit of the NAACP national convention, I want to encourage people to register to vote so we can keep Trump out of the White House. We need to protect the lives and voices of all individuals, and Trump refuses to do so.

Connor Mentel