Letter to the editor: ‘Familes proud to be from the South’


To the editor:

I was surprised to see multiple articles in The Gazette regarding the Confederate flag in the parade and especially an organized protest. Really? Countries, governments (and) religions are all full of symbols and people place varying degrees of importance on these symbols.

I have known people who fly the Confederate flag, just because their families are proud to be from the South. If you have ever been to Gettysburg or other Civil War battlegrounds, you will see many memorials for Southern soldiers. Many of these soldiers did not own slaves or believe in the practice. Just because a symbol has great meaning for you does not mean we all must share the same belief.

Because this country was founded on the principle of “All men are created equal,” it should mean we can tolerate many beliefs and rituals from many different cultures, so long as we are not forced to participate in these practices, too. Today we are faced with many non-tolerant issues from road-rage incidents to the many terrorist atrocities. Surely, these issues are more important and require us to be more tolerant of each other.

Michael Slicker