Letter to the editor: Clinton ‘has lied, gotten away’ with scandals


To the editor:

I honestly can’t believe people want Hillary Clinton as president, just because she is a woman. Maybe if she were at least halfway truthful I could understand, but she is not.

She has lied and gotten away with the email scandal, the Benghazi scandal and who knows what else. Does anyone remember the Whitewater scandal when she was first lady? She has been in various positions over the last 25 years and, if she was truly concerned about the problems with minorities, she could have already done something about it. She cares nothing about our soldiers or the American people in general — only herself. …

Hillary and other politicians believe it is fine to take away our guns and our Second Amendment rights, but do you notice that their bodyguards are armed? It’s OK for them to be protected, but not us. The law-abiding gun owners are not the problem; it’s the criminals who, by the way, will have guns no matter what the law says.

It’s sad that our government is more concerned with money than its own citizens and is allowing people in our country who hate us and expect us to change to their way of life. They are offended by our flag, Christian ways and want to take God out of everything, but they don’t seem to have a problem with taking welfare benefits, free medical care, etc. Even sadder is the fact that we have allowed this to happen. This country was founded by God-fearing people. …

Before we allow anyone else into the country, we should take care of our veterans. They should be our number one priority and should come before any immigrants — legal or illegal. And for that matter, they should come before any of the able-bodied people who are on welfare. They fought for our freedom, yet they have to fight for any type of medical and financial assistance. Our government should not be allowed to treat them the way they do. If we (the taxpayers) can afford to feed and house all these immigrants, then we should be able to take care of our own.

There are a lot of people down on (Donald) Trump because he has upset the apple cart, so to speak, in this political race because he is not afraid to speak his mind. Personally, I always have been for whoever the best is, regardless if they are Democrat, Republican, man or woman. Trump may not be everyone’s ideal candidate but at least he addresses the issues that the majority of the American public is concerned about.

He is concerned about our military, our police, the vast problem with drugs in our country and, yes, he wants to build a wall around our borders to keep the illegals out until they can be processed the right way. It’s not just the people from Mexico that we have to be concerned with; people from around the world know how weak our borders are. ISIS has figured it out, too. …

In my opinion, there has to be a reason why our government officials haven’t fully addressed the drug problems that have continually gotten worse over the last 50 years. How many of our kids have to die from drug overdoses before they realize the problem is real? We need to take our country back while we still have one. God bless the USA.

Paul Ray