Letter to the editor: ‘A person who cannot tell the truth’


To the editor:

With great mercy, the circus in Philadelphia is almost over. Rather than wasting our time listening to the screeching of Hillary Clinton tonight, we’re going to see the film “Hillary’s America,” a candid look at what Hillary Clinton might bring to America as our new president.

The previews are shocking, but expose Hillary as a person who cannot tell the truth and would be a disaster as the leader of our country.

Interestingly, our country has historically allowed the candidates for president to receive security briefings. The infamous senator from Nevada, Harry Reid, states Donald Trump should not be cleared for security because Trump can’t be trusted. Were it not so serious, Reid’s comments would be laughable.

Hillary Clinton is the last person on earth to receive any kind of government clearance for anything. The FBI has documented her incompetence, along with other damning information about Hillary Clinton in (its) testimony to members of Congress. …

The Democrats, in their usual attempts to obscure the facts from the American people, say the Russians might be responsible for hacking the server that was housed in Hillary Clinton’s closet in her private residence. Is that even believable? What kind of lapse of judgment is that? Is there any belief that Hillary can be entrusted with any government information?

And logical honest Democrats are still willing to fall behind and support her. There are many Democrats in Delaware who I admire and respect. I’m certainly not asking them to compromise their core beliefs, but I am hopeful they, and the American voters, are wise enough to see through the Obama 3 smokescreen.

Chuck Smith