Letter to the editor: Trump’s ‘proven his utter lack of wisdom’


To the editor:

The evidence has been mounting. Time after time, (Donald) Trump has said something so stupid or damning that it’s a wonder his campaign has not imploded already. Now, with one simple gaffe, he’s proven his utter lack of wisdom or temperament to be president.

His “attempt” to answer the American Muslim father who talked about his son’s death while fighting for America illustrated, in one fell swoop, several weaknesses of the GOP candidate. In reality, he disqualified himself.

1) When he tried to rebut Mr. (Khizr) Khan’s stinging charge about Trump’s ignorance of the contribution Muslims make to this country, the “substance” of Trump’s answer was irrelevant. Instead, he talked about jobs he’s created.

2) He mocked the grieving couple – because the wife said nothing in their appearance. So what? The father’s indictment of Trump was so powerful it needed no further comment from her.

Both of these points illustrate an all-too-common Trump pattern. He tries to dodge criticism by ignoring it – or fogging the issue with something irrelevant.

3) Trump tried to suggest the mother was quiet because Muslim women are not to speak. It became just another of his flagrant attacks on Muslims.

4) More importantly, Trump’s snide insinuation about Muslims was simply, blatantly wrong. In a subsequent interview, with more time available, the mother did speak — clearly and passionately.

I don’t pretend Hillary Clinton is without flaws. However, Trump’s undisciplined, irresponsible habit of speaking without grounding or truth unmasks a temperament that would be disastrous in a president with his hand on the “nuclear button.”

William A. McCartney