Letter to the editor: Hillary Clinton ‘has earned my trust’


To the editor:

Trust. Trust seems to be a word with wings this campaign season. Pollsters are intent on asking who I trust.

Much energy seems to be expended in trying to brainwash me on who I should not trust. With repeated name-calling, slogans and re-hashing again and again scenarios that have been thoroughly vetted as unworthy of prosecution action or further discussion, I have been told not to trust Hillary Clinton for president.

However, I am choosing Hillary Clinton for my vote. She has earned my trust through decades of public service. She has a track record of listening to people’s needs and being a positive change-agent wherever she has served. There are mountains of testimony from people who have worked with her about her reliability, trustworthiness and ability to find solutions by working effectively with others. …

Change. Change is another word that keeps flying around in this campaign season. Change, of course, is needed, as in good faith, we expect our elected leaders to work together to bring about solutions to needs and concerns that will best serve our diverse population.

A change I look forward to is a break from in-fighting among our elected leaders when they get back to Washington. After the elections are over and the people’s choices have been made, I look forward to our president and Congress setting politics aside and getting on with the business of good governance.

Barbara Tull