Letter to the editor: ‘We felt like a family more than you could imagine’


To everyone (our loyal customers) who has shopped at Buehler’s:

We, as employees, would like to thank you for shopping with us.

We have gotten to know so many people who came in to the store. You are all going to be missed.

When they told us all they were closing the store, it really broke our hearts.

We felt like a family more than you could imagine. No tears were held back.

Please know that wherever all the employees go, the people who hire them will be getting a real awesome person.

So to all our customers from the employees of Buehler’s, a very heartfelt thank you for becoming a member of our family. We will miss you all.

Betty and Charlie Kerr (and all the rest of the employees)


Editor’s note: The Kerrs note that they are the longest working employees at Buehler’s