Support the junior fair

Tuesday and Wednesday evenings of the Delaware County Fair culminates a year of hard work, dedication and learning for youth from all over the county. This is the time when they sell their prize winning projects they have worked hard on all year. It is an opportunity for them to be rewarded for their efforts. Some of the youth use the money earned to purchase next year’s projects and some will put the money into a college fund for their education.

As mentioned by Prosecutor Carol O’Brien in her commentary September 1, many dedicated businesses, individuals and organizations show up year after year and support the youth by purchasing a project. If you have ever been to one of these auctions you can feel the excitement of the exhibitors, the auctioneers, the crowd and especially the buyers as they are there to help our young people and reward them for this year’s hard work. You too could be a part of the excitement. If you feel you want to support our exhibitors, you could attend the auction and bid on projects yourself. Another option available, if you want to support them but can’t attend or don’t want to commit to the purchase of an entire project is to become a member of the Delaware County Junior Fair Sale Buyers Club. This is an opportunity for you to support these dedicated kids by pooling your contribution with other individuals and organizations. Your contribution and membership will be used to purchase projects at the sale that may lack bidding support.

The “Buyers Club,” in only its second year, was able to use $6,200 dollars to purchase 13 different projects during two sales at last year’s fair.

As one of the “bidders” for the club, I was able to see firsthand how the young exhibitors appreciated the support and the pride on their faces in the sale ring. It was difficult to stay within our limited budget as there were so many deserving projects.

I would encourage you to find out more and hopefully become a member by visiting the Delaware County Fair website and selecting Junior Fair under General Information then download a Buyers Club form and send in your contribution. Or you can find brochures at the OSU Extension Office, Fair Board Office as well as several local businesses such as Richwood Bank, Midway Market, Evolution Ag, Cashman’s, Champion Feed, Black Wing or the Community Market.

— Mitch Ross