Preservation Parks special to local canine

My husband and I have enjoyed Preservation Parks of Delaware County’s Hogback Ridge Preserve since it opened in 2002. I’ve run its trails with my daughters and walked them with my husband. My dog knows every inch of its paths and is always eager to check them out again. Whenever we visit, we see other people and families (and dogs) appreciating the same natural beauty that we love so much.

We sometimes opt to visit one of Preservation Parks’ other spaces, for a change of scenery and because we like to think our dog cares where we take him for an outing, when in fact he cares only that we take him. He plays along by pretending to be thrilled to sniff new places, although the old trails are always exciting enough. If he could speak, he’d say getting out into forested areas where birds, deer and other animals live, the seasons can be observed in the very act of changing and the air smells of everything good is healthy for everybody. (He’d also say he loves riding in the truck, but that’s off topic.) I’d add to his list the shelters, lodges and many programs and special events offered by park staff and volunteers. All this is priceless, yet the parks do require funding.

Please support the Nov. 7 renewal of Preservation Parks of Delaware County’s 0.6-mill levy, with an additional 0.3-mill levy. Conserving green spaces is a gift we can enjoy now and also leave for those who come after us and those who come after them.

— Margo Bartlett