Support for Delaware City Schools levy

This fall the Delaware community will vote on a crucial levy for our growing schools. This emergency operating levy is the first ask of new operating money from the community in six years and is needed to maintain the current level of educational programs.

Enrollment this year in Delaware City Schools is 5,825 students which is 850 more students than when the last levy was approved by the community six years ago. As Delaware continues to grow and flourish, we strongly believe that it is in our community’s best interest to ensure that our support of our schools continues to grow along with our community.

This levy only seeks to maintain the current level of per pupil spending to match the increase in enrollment and projected annual increases of 100 students per year. Our school district has done a tremendous job educating our young people with a spending level that is already the second lowest in Central Ohio. We cannot expect them to do more with less going forward.

If the levy were not to pass, Delaware City Schools would have the undesirable distinction as the lowest per pupil spending district in Central Ohio. It would result in the elimination of near-ly forty teaching positions which would increase class sizes in a district that already has higher class sizes than most districts. Delaware City Schools would also be forced to eliminate extra-curricular activities or implement high pay-to-participate fees that many or most families would be unable to afford. Unfortunately, on top of that, we would still be unable to cover the operat-ing budget of the schools and an additional $1.5 million in annual cuts would still need to be implemented.

We realize that no one is excited about an increase in taxes. However, an investment in the schools is one of the best ways to ensure that home values continue to rise and our community continues to prosper. Delaware has often been cited among the top places to live not only in Ohio but in the nation as a whole and our strong schools play an important role in that distinction.

Please join us in voting “yes” on Nov. 7 for the continued investment in both our schools and our community. If you want to learn more, Superintendent Paul Craft is available to an-swer any questions as are we. Together, by voting “yes,” we will continue to provide our schools with the resources our children need to progress and succeed in a rapidly changing world.

— Todd Miller & Juliana Riggs

Co-Chairs DCS Levy Committee