SourcePoint helps make life easier for seniors

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We first visited SourcePoint after trying unsuccessfully to decipher Medicare. It was overwhelming to comprehend the Medicare processes and choices. Plus, we heard nightmarish stories about people who accidentally selected the wrong plan and were stuck with that plan for a year.

Too much was a stake to take the risk. After calling around, we were steered to SourcePoint.

We set up an appointment with an insurance specialist and crossed our fingers that she could properly guide us. With a huge smile, she invited us into her office and intently listened to our questions and concerns. There were many. She was magnificent as she dispelled most of our fears and explained that many ideas about Medicare that circulate are based on poor information or outdated beliefs. She made the difficult easy. Her expertise and ability to communicate was outstanding — far beyond what we ever anticipated — and she treated us like family, not just clients.

Since that initial meeting, we’ve returned yearly to verify which plan is best for us and which options provide the most coverage at the lowest price.

We fully endorse SourcePoint and especially our insurance specialist for the stellar contributions made to this community. We look forward to becoming a greater part of SourcePoint as our needs change in the coming years.

Everyone in Delaware County should look to SourcePoint for solutions and guidance. You will be relieved and surprised at how simple it can be. We implore you to vote yes for the senior services levy and keep this level of care going.

Chip and Pam Stockdale


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