Meals on Wheels is lifesaver

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For the older population of our county who want to stay in their homes and remain as independent as possible, there is SourcePoint providing in-home care services and Meals on Wheels. I am a Meals on Wheels volunteer.

With Meals on Wheels, homebound seniors can receive daily hot and cold meals to fit their dietary needs. The program also provides donated pet food for their beloved furry companions.

Another important reason for Meals on Wheels is the daily visit from caring volunteers. In one instance, my partner, Ann, and I could not enter an apartment since our client was laying in front of the door. We immediately called 911. We are now his angels. Although this was a rare circumstance, it shows the importance of the visits. Normally, just a friendly conversation is very welcomed. For some, Meals on Wheels offers their only visitors for a day or more. This also provides the opportunity to notice any changes in their well-being that then can be reported for a follow-up from SourcePoint.

I just happen to really enjoy being involved in Meals on Wheels. I started volunteering 10 years ago and brought my husband, Ken, aboard a year later. We both work in the kitchen and deliver meals. I drive with Ann on Mondays and with Ken on Fridays. Volunteering for Meal on Wheels would give you such joy and fulfillment, and, as an added benefit, you will make many good friends. We would welcome you with open arms.

Thank you for voting to keep Meals on Wheels and other senior services working for our county.

Vicki Mills


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