SourcePoint is a true ‘blessing’

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I’m writing in support of the Delaware County Senior Services Levy on the ballot this spring. I’m a home health aide who works with seniors, so I see firsthand that our services are in demand and how many people benefit from what we do.

I recently began working at SourcePoint, the nonprofit that manages local senior services, assisting with a weekly foot clinic. My time there has really opened my eyes to not only this service, but also all of the programs available to our local seniors. So many come to SourcePoint for so many different reasons, and everyone benefits. Whether it is a middle-aged woman caring for her parents, someone seeking more information about Medicare, a retiree looking for educational opportunities, or an elderly widow seeking help at home, SourcePoint is a true blessing to everyone 55 and older.

I myself will soon turn 64, and I think, as we get older, we are more likely to embrace healthy aging in order to live life to the fullest. As older adults, we have much to offer from our varying life experiences and simply want to contribute to our community.

If you are young and perhaps not yet aware of SourcePoint, remember that you will reach the age that I am now. I hope that, with the support of my fellow Delaware voters, SourcePoint will still be here for you. I hope the staff and volunteers, with their helpful, smiling faces, will be ready to greet you and help you with your aging needs. Even if I didn’t work in this field, knowing what I know now, I would wholeheartedly vote for the levy.

SourcePoint enriches so many lives, and we all benefit from its services, so please vote for the levy. It will make your heart smile.

Nell Coleman


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