SourcePoint helps LSS fight hunger

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For several years, SourcePoint has supported Lutheran Social Services (LSS) Food Pantries in Delaware County with grants to provide food for Delaware County residents age 55 and older. Many people are surprised to learn that there is a hunger problem in the county. Seniors on fixed incomes are particularly vulnerable, especially if they find themselves unexpectedly raising grandchildren, which is a growing phenomenon in our society.

Seniors frequently express their appreciation for the healthy food and fresh produce LSS Food Pantries provides. Without this food, our clients face the real danger of going hungry, a horrible prospect for anyone, but extremely serious for seniors who are often suffering from health conditions that can be affected by diet.

It would be challenging for LSS Food Pantries to serve seniors in Delaware County without SourcePoint’s generous support. I urge you to vote yes for the modest senior services levy on the ballot this spring. Your support will help ensure that seniors in need will have access to nutritious food and an improved quality of life.

Rev. Larry A. Crowell

President and CEO, Lutheran Social Services

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