Issue 1 seeks to create fairly drawn congressional districts

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Voters in Tuesday’s primary will have a rare bipartisan opportunity: by approving Issue 1, we can cut gerrymandering – the system by which U.S. congressional districts are rigged to benefit one political party over another.

Both parties have used gerrymandering to gain an advantage when they had the chance, but now, after a 31-0 vote in the Ohio Senate, and 83-10 vote in the Ohio House, Issue 1 will appear on both the Republican and Democratic ballots for approval. It has been endorsed by both parties.

Fairly drawn congressional districts will force our elected leaders to listen to all their voters and not just assume they’ll be easily reelected. Ohioans overwhelmingly approved a similar issue a few years ago to end partisan gerrymandering for Ohio House and Ohio Senate districts starting in 2021.

Issue 1 is a logical next step, allowing Ohioans a greater voice in our congressional districts. Vote Yes on Issue 1 – the bipartisan choice for all of us.

Marianne Gabel


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