Bringing nation back to its ‘moderate senses’

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As many of you know, I have lived in and come to deeply love Delaware for over 30 years. I have raised my family here, and I and my family have committed to live here for the rest of our lives. Throughout those years, I have voted in nearly every election – for every single tax levy, and for many amazing Republicans like sheriffs Al Meyer and Russ Martin, County Commissioner Deborah Martin, judges Henry Shaw, Duncan Whitney, and David Hemjanowski; and even governors like Robert Taft. At the same time, I have voted mostly Democratic, but always with my commitment focused on the well-being of this amazing bipartisan community we call Delaware.

On Aug. 7, we have a great opportunity to affirm that same kind of bipartisan spirit by electing a homegrown, humble, and deeply dedicated moderate young leader whose fiancé is a staunchly registered Republican, even as he is a moderate, let’s-work-together-to-get-something-positive-done Democrat. His name is Danny O’Connor.

You may well know that I am deeply concerned for our national democracy, especially in terms of basic justice for all humans, health care, education, higher education and common sense civility that includes decency and respectful dialogue between all of us regardless of party, religion or race. You also may know that Danny is more moderate than I am, but that may well be the winning point! As his wonderful, hard-campaigning Republican fiancé says, “I am Danny-crat now!”

You will view a lot of terrible attack ads against Danny O’Connor in the next few weeks, because there are a lot of wealthy national lobbyists who shudder to think that a rational, homegrown moderate member of Congress could possibly represent our central Ohio district. Don’t let that fool you. Rather, imagine our community as the one who, in 2018, brought our nation back to its moderate senses.

Jon R. Powers


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