Cordray’s comments not ‘taken out of context’

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The first time Richard Cordray equated Republicans to Nazis I was taken aback, and I thought that he may have misspoke or maybe his words were being taken out of context.

The second time he compared Republicans to Nazis really put everything in perspective for me. He isn’t being taken out of context or simply having a slip of the tongue, this is what he genuinely believes. Cordray made one of the Nazi comparisons about Ohio Republicans who favored government spending cuts. I mean, he equated fiscal conservatives to Nazi collaborators in France during WWII! The sheer absurdity of this statement boggles the mind, and as a political centrist living in Ohio, he’s not winning any favors here.

I want a governor who unites this state with a strong voice and sensible policies. I don’t want a governor who divides us.

Teri Morgan


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