McCain ‘worthy of the title of hero’

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I think I have written enough letters to the editor to have established my credentials as a dyed-in-the-wool liberal/progressive, but I have also attempted to encourage civil discourse with other members of this community who have a different slant on specific issues. I will be the first to admit that I am not always successful in those attempts and that I have to sometimes struggle with my tendency to strike a combative tone towards attitudes I perceive to be less than charitable in social justice matters.

With the passing this week of Senator John McCain, our nation has lost a leader who exemplified the ideal of bipartisan cooperation in finding solutions to our country’s problems. His actions in war and in his public service to the United States were truly those of a man worthy of the title of hero. I, personally, will miss his presence in our ongoing national debates. I rarely agreed with his political views, but I always credited him as an honorable person worthy of my respect and gratitude.

John McCain made his last address to Congress a plea for cooperation across the aisle. This was something he practiced throughout his post-military career, and I hope we can all honor him by finding ways to make his request a living reality.


Tony Marconi

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