Letter to the editor: ‘I found article incredibly misleading, inaccurate’


To the editor:

I am writing in response to the (Feb. 20) article “Concerns expressed about possible changes in services for developmentally disabled.”

The February board (of developmental disabilities) meeting began with a separate board training, exploring early intervention and the state’s recommendations on best practices. Developmental disability boards are required by the state of Ohio to complete board training. This training was related to that requirement and meant to explore the seven principles of evidence-based early intervention only. No decisions were made to move toward this model.

The article stated that I tried to shut down questions from a parent in the audience. I want to make it incredibly clear that, as a parent myself of an individual with developmental disabilities, I not only understand, but appreciate other parents taking an interest in the board. Everything that we do as a board is fueled by what is best for the families we serve.

I found the article incredibly misleading and inaccurate, as once again, the board was in the process of a training – not making any decisions about future Delaware County Board of Developmental Disabilities practices. We encourage the public to attend board meetings, and always provide time for public comment and questions; however, this takes place after any board trainings are completed, out of respect for the presenters.

The board takes very seriously its responsibility to do what’s best for the individuals and families we serve, and to be up to date with current laws and research. Our mission of supporting individuals with developmental disabilities — so that they can achieve full inclusion in our community — will continue to guide the important work that we do and that we love. We appreciate the passion our community shows for individuals with developmental disabilities and ask for continued support as we strive to positively impact the lives of others.

Stephen Finney


Delaware County Board

of Developmental Disabilities