Proposed trail extension has flaws

To The Editor:

Construction of the first phase of a multi-use trail is now under way that would connect the 43-acre Franklin County property recently purchased by Metroparks for over $1million, at the Delaware County line, north across the Olentangy Environmental Control Center property, and then bridge across the Olentangy River into Highbanks Park; recent high water was a reminder that more than ¼ of this new park property is either in the river or on the High Velocity Floodway, and cannot be legally filled.

This low-lying area has been described as Highly Disturbed Wetlands, and with recently continued dumping, the massive amount of questionable fill material on this site has continued to expand. This new trail as proposed would then continue across the northern property of the Delaware County OECC, where waste material from their sewage treatment process is routinely spread.

This significant public funding would be much better spent on another proposed extension to the Olentangy Greenway Trail, remaining on existing park property along the higher ridge well to the east of the Olentangy River, and safely away from the sewage treatment process and this mushy lowlands / dump site. We could all certainly better enjoy this less intrusive and much more sensible multi-use Greenway Trail all the way to, and from, Highbanks Metro Park.

— Benjamin Knepper

Columbus, Ohio 43235