Transportation plan needed

It has been more than a decade now since my family relocated to Delaware. In that short time, we have seen so much change and growth in the community and surrounding areas. More people than ever are choosing Delaware as their home and as the place where they do business.

With this growth comes new challenges. We all have experienced the complexity of moving through a 19th-century town with 21st-century traffic. There are critical first steps needed to address this problem and to bring our infrastructure into this century.

City leaders are taking a bold, community-wide approach to improving our transportation network. This alone cannot fix every problem area or bottleneck, but it is a strong move toward keeping traffic and commerce flowing in our community.

There are no perfect plans, but this is a good and necessary one. Let’s not wait another 10 years to do what needed to be done 10 years ago. For these reasons, I have already voted Yes.

— Brandon Feller