A “Their View” piece appeared in the Gazette on 11/21 in which a newspaperman gloated over Trump’s victory. The fellow who wrote the piece must have missed the rallies at which Trump referred to journalists as “scum” and repeatedly referred to them as “disgusting people.” Trump has also talked about wanting to widen libel laws to make it easier to win judgements against the media, “Sullivan vs the NY Times” notwithstanding.

Odd that the newspaperman would not take an interest in these kinds of anti-press, anti free speech attitudes. A constitutionally-guaranteed freedom of the press seems like it would be of interest to a local editor. The fellow also commented that it looked like “Trump does not hold grudges,” a reference to the fact that Trump is meeting with Romney.

It would not be difficult to do enough research to come to a pretty solid understanding that Trump is highly inclined to hold grudges. Maybe the newspaper man only gets his news from his own paper.

Other baffling commentary appeared in the 11/23 edition of the Gazette in which a letter writer indicated that the Democrats could learn a lesson from conservatives who “let elected government get on with it (governing)” and that now liberals should afford the same courtesy to Trump. Here, too, a little research, nothing too time consuming, would remind the letter writer how deeply obstructive conservatives were all through President Obama’s years in office.

A side note: Do your research through legitimate news sources. Stormfront, Fox News, MSNBC, Breitbart, some entrepreneur from Eastern Europe: these are not sources likely to establish an informed electorate. Neither are letters to the editor.

Trump did a good job de-legitimizing real newspapers; he worked on it, and he succeeded. It turned his base to partisan sources or worse, all too willing to print anything, the more outrageous the better.

—Dan Morrison