Elected officials acting childish

Representative John Lewis and thirty-plus Democratic House members have announced that they will not attend the presidential inauguration. Does that mean we are supposed to get on our knees and beg them to attend?

No, it is time for Mr. Lewis and all Democrats to put on their big boy pants and come to grips with the fact that Donald Trump is going to be the next President of the United States. I fully understand what Democratic House members are worried about.

They can no longer use the IRS to penalize conservative groups or hang paintings of police as pigs in the halls of Congress; or keep Obama Care as the centerpiece of a failed Administration that doubled the national debt. The problem is that they ran a criminal candidate and the voters recognized that fact.

Representative Lewis, who also did not attend the Inauguration of George Bush, is a shining example of why we need term limits. He is still living in the 1060s but the country has progressed, moved on and now it’s 2017. Is there some reason someone needs to stay in the House of Representatives for over 30 years?

Many of us did not want Obama to win a Presidential election. But he did and the Republicans in the Congress attended his Inauguration because it was the right thing to do. It shows the world that we have a peaceful transition of power. You would think that for one day the political parties could come together to show the world we can put aside our differences and stand behind a newly elected President.

The national media and their Democratic sycophants attacking the new President are only steeling the resolve of the millions of conservative voters who want this nation to get back on track. They want the Constitution reinstated as the principle document governing the nation. The voters have spoken but the Democrats and their paid for demonstrators don’t seem to hear them.

They need to look in the mirror and see how stupid they really look. They look like sore losers, children who lost the game so they are taking their ball and going home. I predict they will not win in four years because of their conduct alone. The hardcore Republicans will not forget how they treated President Trump. The Democrats, media and the paid demonstrators cannot come to grips with the fact: They lost. Elections have consequences according to Mr. Obama.

The Inauguration is a celebration of the peaceful transition of power. Elected lawmakers who boycott it are doing nothing more than weakening our Representative Republic by pouting. How do these childish representatives expect to work with Republicans when President Trump is in office?

Give the man a chance. He won the election, he is our President. If you can’t stomach that fact you might think about joining all those charming Hollywood stodges that no one watches any more, and move to Canada.

— Christopher Acker