Sunbury voters OK Charter Commission

By Gary Budzak -

By a 3-1 margin, Sunbury voters overwhelmingly supported a request to form a Charter Commission.

Out of 2,083 total votes, the charter results were 1,584 (76 percent) yes to 499 (24 percent) no, with all precincts reporting.

The commission consists of 15 Sunbury residents who will create a municipal charter for Sunbury once it officially becomes a city following the 2020 U.S. Census. This charter determines how Sunbury would be governed as a city. The charter is like a constitution for a municipality.

All 15 people that were on the ballot were elected as members of the Charter Commission, although their numbers were unequal: Patti Cavinee (764 votes); Cindi Cooper (840); John Dankovich (725); J. David Diehl, Jr. (701); Anne Frost (792); Eugene Frost (709); Michael League (693); John Maar (739); Steven Mazzi (1,060); Murray Neff (697); Jodi Norton (765); Randall J. Rentz (745); Richard A. Ryba (654); Daniel Sexton, Jr. (734); and Thomas H. Zalewski, Sr. (721).

At the Sunbury Village Council meeting on Wednesday, Nov. 7, officials noted with approval the variance of the member votes; reported that the members have been awarded village email accounts; noted they may need an administrative assistant; and assigned initial meetings for the Charter Commission on Dec. 12-13. A couple of the councilmen expressed interest in attending those meetings, which are open to the public, as observers.

All of the liquor options for Sunbury easily passed. The NorthGate Centre Community Entertainment District liquor option was approved by a vote of 1,522 (70.5 percent) to 638 (29.5 percent); as were options and Sunday sales for District 13 (45 E. Granville St.) and Surve (6 E. Cherry St.) by similar margins.

Nearby, the Harlem Township Fire Tax Levy was approved by a 1,422 (68 percent) to 677 (32 percent) vote. The replacement levy is for 4 mills and four years.

Of related interest on the county level, the 0.4-mill Board of Developmental Disabilities Tax Levy was approved by a vote of 56,395 (62 percent) to 34,171 (38 percent). Budzak photos | The Sunbury News Budzak photos | The Sunbury News

By Gary Budzak

To view the final local election results, go to:

To view the final local election results, go to: