Local author’s new book reflects life experiences

Delaware resident Michele Zirkle Marcum’s first novel, Rain No Evil, is now available.

The novel tells the story of a woman, Savannah, who, feeling unhappy and hopeless in her marriage, dares God to prove himself. Shortly thereafter, her home begins to be flooded with water. When nobody can find the source of the leak, Savannah eventually realizes that a demon is flooding the home and, more horrifyingly, that another demon is attached to her.

Zirkle Marcum said the novel is based on true events.

She said the reason she wrote it is because the “events that happened changed my life.” “It was a very rough experience, the most difficult thing I’ve ever been through. But, yet, I’m glad it happened because it transformed my life.”

ZIrkle Marcum’s lifelong love of writing and background as a high school English teacher prepared her for the challenge of writing the novel.

Zirkle Marcum said that the novel is “very relationship-oriented.” In particular, it addresses the problems within Savannah’s marriage which include adultery and verbal abuse. Zirkle Marcum said that exploring these issues in the novel helped her to better understand how they manifested themselves in her marriage.

“I’ve always been fairly independent and I like to think of myself as a fairly strong person and I never understood that I was being verbally abused,” she said

Zirkle Marcum will be at Blessed Be spiritual shop in Grove City for a book signing from 2 to 4 p.m. on Saturday, Sept. 10. She will also hold a book signing from 2 to 4 p.m. on Sept. 24 at the Polaris Barnes and Noble. The novel can also be purchased at The Book Loft and on amazon.com.

For more on the author and the novel go to rainnoevil.com.

Zirkle Marcum
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By Anthony Conchel


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