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What kind of tree should I plant?


People often ask me what kind of tree to plant, and then I start asking questions. How much space do you have? What’s the purpose of the tree? Why do you want a tree in that spot? What are the growing conditions?

Letter: Thoughts on reproductive freedom amendment


I’ve had time to examine the materials being distributed by the local Republican Party in their effort to defeat the reproductive freedom amendment (Issue 1) in November. They generally argue four points.

Club helping domestic violence survivors


Katie Bell and I (both Olentangy Liberty High School students) are focused on making a vast impact in central Ohio through our club. Women At Work strives to provide aid and assistance to domestic violence survivors in central Ohio by volunteering at women’s shelters, homeless shelters, and hosting events for survivors to share their stories.

Your boxwood shrubs need protection now


Boxwood, a popular evergreen shrub we’ve been planting for many years, is suddenly in the crosshairs. This reliable landscape mainstay is under attack from winter burn, a well-known insect, a non-native insect recently found in Ohio for the first time, and now a deadly disease. Pinpointing the culprit can be difficult because the symptoms are so similar.

Hydrangeas — choosing right one


For a long-lived display of huge showy blooms, few plant families can top the diverse Hydrangea. Every year we see new Hydrangea varieties introduced, making this plant more of a problem-solver and a landscape staple. To choose the right Hydrangea you must first answer two questions: how sunny is my location, and how much room do I have? The answers will lead you to the right Hydrangea family, so then you can choose between the many gorgeous blooms available in that particular family.

Shade trees pay for themselves


There’s a reason that old farmhouses are surrounded by mature shade trees. After a day in the fields, farm families could retire to a cool house. In the days before air conditioning, farm wives could work in relative comfort if there were big trees casting a pool of shade on the house and farmyard all summer.

Letter: People have spoken


The defeat of Issue 1 is, simply put, a profound repudiation of the Ohio GOP.

Improved childcare key for Ohio’s success


It is time to address one of the most pressing challenges affecting our state’s success — childcare access and affordability. A thriving economy requires a skilled and dedicated workforce, and to achieve this, we must address the barriers that working parents face in accessing affordable, quality childcare options.

Is ‘night lighting’ a sign of progress?


Less than 100 years ago, everyone could look up and see a spectacular starry night sky. Now, millions of children across the globe will never experience the Milky Way where they live. The negatives of excessive night lighting include blinding glare (excessive brightness that blinds you and hurts your eyes), skyglow (brightening of the night sky as light scatter reflects from clouds and haze), and “light trespass” (bright light shining where it is not intended or needed). Is this the price of progress?

Letter: ‘Ohio Constitution has functioned well for over 100 years’


The worst lie is the one that is disingenuous because it assumes that the recipient is too stupid to understand they are being played for a fool. In her letter of 7/22/23 (‘Time to protect Ohio Constitution’), Ms. Janine Baker accuses Democrats of being disingenuous in citing the abortion amendment in November as one of the primary reasons Issue 1 has been advanced by Republican extremists. She refers to that contention as the “epitome of deceit.”


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