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Phones down: Keeping Ohio’s roads safer


If you drive on Ohio’s highways (or any highway across the U.S. for that matter), you’ve undoubtedly seen it – the driver next to you looking down at their phone to send a text or check social media. They’re only looking away from the road for a second, right?

Solar eclipse to bring economic boom to Ohio


This April 8, Ohio will be one of the few states to experience a total solar eclipse. With a 124-mile-wide path of totality, Ohio is expecting an influx of tourism as people travel from all over the country to come witness this rare phenomenon.

Letter: World full of pretend Christians


I was dumbfounded! Did I really see Putin lighting a candle and crossing himself at a Christian service for victims of the Moscow terrorist attack? I shouldn’t have been surprised. There are many pretend Christians in our world. Many (like Putin) are in politics.

Addressing childcare dilemma is crucial for Ohio


There has never been a better time in history to be an Ohioan. We have an abundance of resources and variables working in our favor, including a low cost of living and a high quality of life. Our gross domestic product is the seventh largest in the United States, and if Ohio were a separate country, it would be the 21st largest economy. We are now entering a manufacturing renaissance unlike anything witnessed by any other state, and with the kind of economic wins we’ve seen just in the last two years, the best is yet to come.

Letter: Republican smokescreen protecting Trump


While I admire our Republican prosecuting attorney’s ability to maintain her personal and institutional integrity, I am curious about her intention found in the letter in the Delaware Gazette of 2-3-24.

Accessible, attainable housing for Ohioans essential


In the wake of last week’s 2024 Ohio Chamber Housing Summit, we continue to focus on the issue of housing for all Ohioans. Every Ohioan should have access to safe, affordable housing, and this goal can only be accomplished if we work together.

Letter: Shining a light on Camp Delaware


I am writing to emphasize the vital importance of our local Black history, and the significant impact it has on our community and nation. The upcoming dramatic presentation by the Community Arts Network, bringing to life the story of Camp Delaware during Black History month 2024, is an endeavor of utmost value and relevance.

Letter: Protecting rural areas through collaboration, communication


As we learned at the informative “Intel on Intel” seminar sponsored by the Sunbury Chamber of Commerce on Jan. 24, burying our collective heads in the sand is not the way to address this opportunity that Intel and associated businesses will bring to this area. As a small farmer, I know there are concerns about protecting our agriculture and rural areas. Still, as a businessperson and supporter of private property rights, I know there will be opportunities that we just can’t afford to ignore.

Letter: Criticism of Trump coming from loyalists


Our political thinking is not only polarized — it’s growing. We mostly only listen to those who share our opinions. We talk primarily with those who reinforce our prejudices. Honest political dialogue becomes nearly impossible.

Securing border would help with fentanyl crisis


In the Dec. 27 issue of The Gazette, Ohio’s sanctimonious Democratic Sen. Sherrod Brown prattled on about his efforts to protect Ohio from fentanyl trafficking.


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