Letter: Thoughts on House Bill 183/Senate Bill 104


One of Delaware County’s state representatives, Beth Lear, has a bit of legislative bigotry to her credit. Her HB 183 would prohibit schools from allowing trans students to use a bathroom that doesn’t correspond with the gender assigned to them at birth. She argues that the legislation is necessary to protect women from being assaulted by “biological males.” That such events are not happening — as several recent studies have shown —says much about Lear’s fear of, and loathing for, the LGBTQ+ community, which she has used as a platform to advance her political career.

In a NBC4i.com article, Lear is quoted as saying, “Boys cannot become girls, and girls cannot become boys. The modern issue of gender is not a social construct, but the idea you can change your gender is.” But Lear clearly misses the point: A trans person isn’t trying to change their gender. Rather, they want to be recognized for the person they know themselves to be. Instead of doing actual research on the issue.

In essence, Lear’s bill would, according to The Buckeye Flame website, restrict schools from allowing a trans student to use a bathroom that doesn’t correspond with the gender assigned to them at birth (proven via birth certificate), It also eliminates accommodations for trans students that school staff have arranged across the state.

Lear readily uses religion to justify her attacks on the LGBTQ+ community. She is quoted in an article on The Buckeye Flame as stating, “In our country, since the Puritans and Pilgrims first arrived and until recently, we believed ‘God created man in His own image, in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them.’ We also believed children were a heritage from the Lord. The role of the father was to protect, the mother to nurture and both to teach.” She has made us clear on what she believes, but why her scriptural interpretations should be used as the basis for her bill remains absent any rational explanation.

Since this letter’s writing, HB 183 has passed in the Ohio House and has been rolled into SB 104, poised for a full Senate vote in the fall. I would urge every informed person who disagrees with Ms. Lear to urge Governor Mike DeWine to veto this bill if it comes to his desk. I would also urge voters to cast their ballot for her opponent, David Hogan, in the November election. This would be a message of support for inclusion, fairness, and informed awareness about LGBTQ+ issues — something Beth Lear has never wanted to be associate with.

Tony Marconi


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