Letter: World full of pretend Christians


I was dumbfounded! Did I really see Putin lighting a candle and crossing himself at a Christian service for victims of the Moscow terrorist attack? I shouldn’t have been surprised. There are many pretend Christians in our world. Many (like Putin) are in politics.

As a lifelong Christian, I’m offended when our former president pretends he’s a good follower of Christ. In Matthew 7:15, Jesus warned about such persons as “wolves in sheep’s clothing.”

It’s easy to be fooled by “externals.” During the 2016 campaign, a friend expressed support for Trump because his people began his campaign stop with prayer. (I’m not depreciating prayer. I simply remind everyone that “standing in a garage doesn’t make one a car!”) Trump’s primary claim for church support is his Supreme Court picks, which pleased anti-abortionists.

Thoughtful Christians, however, see too many indications of a man with no idea of Jesus’ values.

• He’s one with little (if any) respect for the sanctity of marriage.

• He seems not to know what truth is.

• He even contradicts himself.

• He’s the perfect representation of the rich fool in one of Jesus’ parables.

• He mocks others from persons with handicapping conditions to those who disagree with him.

• Jesus advocated forgiveness; Trump promises revenge. And on and on!

In addition, Trump’s false piety has given Christianity a bad name. Many religiously undecided people say if Trump is supported by Christians, they want no part of it.

I accept the right of persons to support the former president. In doing so, however, please don’t pretend he represents Christian values or is a legitimate representative of the faith.

William A. McCartney


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