Plant Based Treaty: Why it’s climate crisis solution


The climate crisis is a call on all of us, and what an opportunity and responsibility we have at hand to easily, significantly, and most importantly, quickly, improve the situation in regards to the rising climate crisis and endangered ecosystems, the animals and the people at risk now, as well as for generations to come. We can greatly help our national leaders to conquer the colossal challenges and connected high costs!

We are at a critical point in history in regards to four major environmental related challenges: the rising urgent climate crisis, the number of and dire situation for farmed animals, the alarming decline of pollinators, and the rapid growth of the world population.

While there are multiple strategies and actions needed for each of these four as global challenges, there are two easy and highly effective actions that make a great dent for the better in all directions that we all can and should do: transitioning to a plant-based lifestyle and planting pollinator attracting native flowers, bushes and trees. While the call to action is on all individuals, it is likewise on families, schools, colleges/universities, restaurants, hospitals, businesses, organizations and cities. The latter and their city councils are especially in the focus as they have many ways at hand to propel the needed actions and progress, besides being role models in these actions.

If we can help that much and live happy and healthy lives without harming others, nor be part of all the destructive ripple effects of traditional farming, why wouldn’t we?

Please join us to get all the information to see the big picture, as well as best how-to tips on both of the actions to take … and then become a problem solver for the best of yourself and all of us!

To help us plan better, please sign up at [email protected]. We look forward to seeing you then!

Rita Selle-Grider is founder of Vegans Delaware OH and the Plant Based Treaty organizer for Delaware.

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