Siren testing moving to first Wednesdays

Staff report

Effective August 2, 2017, Delaware County will begin testing the outdoor warning siren system the first Wednesday of each month at 12:01 p.m.This will replace the previous testing time of the first Saturday of each month at noon.

The change from Saturday to Wednesday is to better align with nearby jurisdictions. If there is a threat of severe weather, the test will be cancelled to avoid confusion.

Sirens that will participate in the monthly test are located in Alum Creek and Delaware State Parks, the City of Delaware, Genoa Township, and the Villages of Ashley and Sunbury.

Sirens located in Scioto Township/Ostrander and the Village of Galena are expected to join the system in the near future.

The outdoor warning siren system is designed to alert residents for tornado warnings and other emergency notifications as needed by local public safety officials. During a tornado warning, sirens will sound for three minutes, every ten minutes, until the warning is allowed to expire.

Activation of the outdoor warning sirens shall occur under the following conditions:

1.) A tornado warning is issued for any part of Delaware County by the National Weather Service;

2.) A tornado or funnel cloud is sighted by current public safety personnel or;

3.) Other large scale emergencies, such as an imminent dam failure, etc.

For more information on the outdoor warning siren system, receiving emergency communications, or severe weather preparedness, visit Delaware County Emergency Management on the web at, on social media delcoema or contact Sandy Mackey, Delaware County Emergency Management at (740) 833-2180

Staff report

Information in this story was provided by the Delaware County Emergency Management Agency.

Information in this story was provided by the Delaware County Emergency Management Agency.