Delaware County Property Transfers

122 Granite Drive, Delaware; Bell, Ryan J. to Ziegler, Michelle E. & Aaron M.; $219,900.

337 Winter Hill Place, Powell; Parker, Vernon G. & Sharon K. to Rose, Alex M. & Rachel E.; $334,900.

7676 Orange Station Loop, Lewis Center; Kasulis, Matthias to Kamara, Alfred & Conteh, Sonnie & Vincent, Andrew John; $338,900.

932 Bovee Lane, Powell; Shank, Adam C. & Samantha N. to Harper, Molly R. & Muzzy, Matthew J.; $285,000.

3040 Willow Springs Court, Lewis Center; Wang, Peng E. & Cynthia A. to Warren, Scott H. & Sandra Jones; $357,000.

4284 Landhigh Lakes Drive, Powell; Lowe, Michael L. & Yosick, Kelley J. to Earlenbaugh, Timothy C. & Catherine A.; $360,000.

4575 Village Club Drive, Powell; Carroll, Donald D. Jr. & Nicole L. to Dyser, Christopher L. & Mary E.; $610,000.

529 Beckler Lane, Delaware; Stacy, Bradley Glen & Robin Lynn to Zieber, Adam & Stephanie; $275,000.

110 Murphy’s Crossing Drive, Powell; Uebelhart, Karen to Roach, Michelle B.; $310,000.

7912 Mariposa Drive, Galena; Murphy, Jamie M. & Senchal A. to Johnson, Gregory D. & Sara A.; $440,000.

429 S. Miller Drive, Sunbury; Morrison, Marybeth & Richard N. to Goff, Timothy & Brown, Alexa; $155,000.

514 Straiton Square, Westerville; Hollerbach, Marjorie L. to Bogdan, Charles J.; $219,000.

860 Blackmore Drive, Delaware; Glenross North LLC to NVR Inc.; $93,500.

7600 Talavera Drive, Galena; Vinmar Investment Limited to NVR Inc.; $95,000.

7396 Clancy Way, Westerville; DiFranco, Elise & Beers, Ryan to Murphy, Christia M.; $257,500.

7626 Wensley Lane, Westerville; Smith, Heather D. to Murphy, Patricia M. Trustee; $330,000.

216 McNamara Loop, Lewis Center; NVR Inc. to Gao, Feng & Xu, Binlin; $362,524.

6803 Brookstone Drive, Westerville; Jozwiak, Frank E. & Diane L. to AH4R Properties LLC; $223,000.

472 Shanahan Road, Lewis Center; Curtin, Ellen L. to Matthews, Jacob C. & Jennifer A.; $189,900.

240 Lake Street, Delaware; Higgins, Marjorie A. to Stout, Daniel R.; $52,000.

204 W. Hull Drive, Delaware; Coover, Robert D. & Bonnie J. to Howard, Michelle L. & Craig A.; $255,000.

Columbus Pike, Lewis Center; Franklin Real Estate Company to Lifepoint Church; $1,000,000.

12678 Monkey Hollow Road, Sunbury; Smiley, Harold L. to Gliatta, Bart C. & Erin M.; $500,000.

347 N. Union Street, Delaware; McCormick, James B. to Doddroe, Jessica E.; $241,000.

205 Lake Street, Delaware; Felton, Hunter to Bond, Nicole; $105,000.