Delaware police report:

• A mother came to the police department lobby around 12:30 a.m. Sunday to report that her daughter was missing. Police located the teen and returned her to her mother. No charges were filed.

• A domestic violence report was taken in the area of Wilder Street on Friday morning. After an investigation, a man and a woman were taken to the Delaware County Jail and charged with domestic violence.

• A 41-year-old man contacted police Saturday afternoon to report that he had been bitten by a dog in the 100 block of Orchard Avenue. No charges have been filed and the case is still under investigation.

• A 32-year-old man came into the police department lobby Saturday afternoon to report that he had been a victim of forgery and theft, and said he suspected a friend who is staying with him was the perpetrator. The man provided copies of bank records and the fraudulent checks that were cashed in his name. The investigation is ongoing. No charges have yet been filed.

• Two teenagers, a boy and a girl, were arrested and charged with underage possession and possession of marijuana in the parking lot of Delaware Hayes High School on Saturday evening.