SourcePoint awards $626,938 in grants to 18 nonprofits

Aubmitted by SourcePoint

SourcePoint recently approved $626,938 in funding for 18 nonprofit organizations supporting senior services in Delaware County.

SourcePoint helps fund programs to help address the needs of local seniors. Each year, its board of directors reviews grant applications and awards funding to those organizations that provide the most effective services.

Those awarded grants for 2018 include: The Alpha Group, the Alzheimer’s Association, Catholic Social Services, Central Ohio Area Agency on Aging, Common Ground Free Store, Delaware Area Transit Agency, Delaware County Juvenile and Probate Court, Delaware Speech and Hearing Center, Drug-Free Delaware, Employment for Seniors, Grace Clinic, HelpLine, the Legal Aid Society of Columbus, Lutheran Social Services, the OhioHealth Foundation, People In Need, and Willow Brook Christian Services.

“Through this grant money, our partners make a difference addressing the needs of older adults throughout Delaware County,” said Bob Horrocks, executive director of SourcePoint. “Providing funds to support programs already in place is far more cost-effective than starting a program from scratch. We have some fantastic resources in the county and we’re proud to partner with these organizations.”

About the 2018 grantees:

• The Alpha Group — $4,500 to support adult day programming for older adults with developmental disabilities.

• The Alzheimer’s Association — $56,189 to provide supportive services, including the social engagement club, 24-hour support line, and home consultations to individuals and caregivers facing Alzheimer’s or a related dementia diagnosis.

• Catholic Social Services — $36,663 for the Senior Companion Program to prevent social isolation among homebound older adults.

• Central Ohio Area Agency on Aging — $10,000 for the Volunteer Guardian Program, which advocates for the rights of those unable to do so themselves.

• Common Ground Free Store — $7,000 to support general operating expenses and the purchase of personal care items for low-income seniors.

• Delaware Area Transit Agency — $201,168 to support local public transportation, including fixed routes and paratransit services.

• Delaware County Juvenile and Probate Court — $9,791 to support supervisors of the juvenile court suspension alternative program, which offers community service by completing various chores for older adults, and $10,846 for the guardianship-monitoring program to improve oversight to non-familial guardians responsible for the most vulnerable of the population age 55 and older.

• Delaware Speech and Hearing Center — $80,000 to expand and enhance direct hearing and speech services to older adults and their families.

• Drug-Free Delaware — $6,782 to support the WISE program, intended to educate participants on physical changes associated with aging in an effort to decrease likelihood of drug abuse, misuse and alcoholism among older adults.

• Employment for Seniors — $7,000 to provide services to support older adults seeking employment opportunities.

• Grace Clinic — $25,000 to expand the availability of low-cost health care by increasing operating hours and services to rural areas.

• HelpLine — $45,000 for continued support of the Connections Volunteer Center, and $39,016.37 to support site management and local supervision of the Senior Companion Program.

• The Legal Aid Society of Columbus — $7,500 for low-cost legal assistance to older adults.

• Lutheran Social Services — $15,000 for direct-food purchases for older adults at local food banks.

• The OhioHealth Foundation — $24,783 for the Driver Rehabilitation for Instruction and Vehicle Education (DRIVE) program intended to improve driver safety.

• People In Need — $20,000 in emergency financial assistance to older adults, including prescription, utility, and rent assistance.

• Willow Brook Christian Services — $20,700 for adult day care adjunctive therapies not traditionally covered by insurance, including creative arts, music, massage, reflexology, yoga, and tai chi.

Aubmitted by SourcePoint