Orange Twp. trustees reorganize for new year

By D. Anthony Botkin -




In a reorganizational meeting that lasted 29 minutes, Orange Township Trustee Lisa Knapp was elected as chair of the board of trustees with Trustee Ryan Rivers being elected to the vice chair seat.

As fiscal officer, Joel Spitzer took control of the meeting by opening the floor up for nominations.

Rivers said going forward he wanted each member to have a turn at serving as chair of the board.

“I think it’s common for the board to have a rotation that each member of the board, if so desires, to get an opportunity to serve as the chair,” said Rivers. “I would like to see that set up going forward.”

Knapp told Rivers that both former Trustee Rob Quigley and Trustee Debbie Taranto had served as the chair in the past.

“I’ve not been chair,” she told Rivers.

Rivers then nominated Knapp to be chair of the board.

Both trustees present unanimously elected Knapp as the 2018 chair.

Trustee Debbie Taranto was not present at the meeting Tuesday night due to being away on a family vacation.

“It’s the first meeting I’ve ever missed as a trustee,” Taranto said in a phone interview.

Knapp nominated Rivers to be vice chair and again the vote was unanimous.

Moving on to other business of the reorganization, trustees focused on appointing liaisons for the various committees within the township and in the county.

Knapp asked Rivers if he had a preference for any of the committees.

“The economic-focused liaison positions, the outreach committee, and zoning,” Rivers said.

Knapp made a motion for Rivers to serve as the liaison trustee to the Zoning Office for 2018, but trustees decided to table the action until Taranto could attend a meeting.

Rivers was also appointed as a representative for the Enterprise Zone Committee and as the liaison to the Outreach and Communications Committee.

Knapp said she “would like to be the maintenance and parks, and the park board liaison.” She made a motion to that effect which both trustees approved. She was also appointed as the liaison to the Orange Township Community Park Advisory Board.

Knapp nominated Taranto to serve as liaison to the Orange Township Fire Department and the Delaware County Sheriff’s Office, but the trustees decided to table the action until Taranto was able to attend a meeting.

Zoning Director Michele Boni was appointed as the township’s representative to the Delaware County Regional Planning Commission with Zoning Enforcement Officer Jeffery Beard as the alternate for 2018.

Knapp made a motion, which was approved unanimously, that the fiscal officer, the township administrator, and the chair of the board of trustee to serve as the Records Commission.



By D. Anthony Botkin

Contact D. Anthony Botkin at 740-413-0902. Follow him on Twitter @dabotkin.

Contact D. Anthony Botkin at 740-413-0902. Follow him on Twitter @dabotkin.