Delaware County Property Transfers

234 Summer Tree Way, Lewis Center; Epcon Hidden Ravines LLC to Lovell, Ricky L. & Maureen G.; $302,865.

336 Ben Curtis Drive, Ostrander; Westport Homes Inc. to Hanson, Kevin D. & Kathleen Ann; $426,917.

275 Ensigns Lane, Lewis Center; NVR Inc. to Shen, Yen Ting & Chen, Yen Chen; $339,120.

1015 Brittany Drive, Delaware; Menches, Anthony R. & Michelle I. to AH4R Properties LLC; $248,000.

281 Ensigns Lane, Lewis Center; NVR Inc. to Teing, Hall & Ping; $348,243.

6547 Hermitage Drive, Westerville; Vinson, Gary Sr. to Vinson, Gary II & Wendy K.; $136,835.

352 Burns Drive, Westerville; Damron, Dustin & Leslie to Oty, Kristy L.; $280,000.

112 Delaware Drive, Delaware; Curtis Farms LLC to Reynolds, Kristen K. & Paul Thomas; $271,140.

5934 Pennyroyal Place, Westerville; Burdine, Ivan L. & Leigh Ann to Gargano, Lorenzo I. & Carey L.; $389,000.

3775 Naugatuck Place, Powell; Epcon Bradford LLC to Bouzounis, Chris P.; $413,555.

6762 Morello Place, Westerville; Zgonc, Edward G. to Fox, Terrance S. & Kelly J.; $257,900.

2277 Woodstock Avenue, Lewis Center; Silvestri Group LLC to Bennett, Berkeley L. & Chua, Michael S.; $488,580.

8626 Cotter Street, Lewis Center; Islamic Center of Delaware County Inc. to 8626 Cotter Street LLC; $206,100.

3838 Evelynton Avenue, Lewis Center; Village at Bale Kenyon LLC The to Clark, Kathleen M.; $222,175.

8331 Dolman Drive, Powell; Davis, Charles E. & Nancy to Zeid, Laura A. & James C.; $435,000.

6262 Champions Drive, Westerville; Godfrey, Justin B. & Alecia R. to Foust, Jennifer A.; $349,900.

1541 Grove Hill Drive, Columbus; Clune, Adam Christopher & Chung, Hee Kyung to Tran, Bao Q.; $215,000.

644 Kintner Parkway, Sunbury; Forman, Larry M. Trustee et al to Pythia Technologies Incorporated; $82,500.

118 Strathwick Lane, Delaware; Burt, Nahum C. to Price, Douglas A. & Jessica R.; $209,000.

33 Glengary Drive, Delaware; Stidd, Melissa A. to Bailey, Robert A. & Heidi R.; $195,000.

374 Brets Lane, Lewis Center; Glenn Road Capital LLC to NVR Inc.; $61,800.

1618 Villa Way, Powell; NK Villas LLC to Signet, Bradford R. & Ann M.; $722,400.

6658 Hawksnest Court, Westerville; Domask, Brian & Khirrah J. to Gizunterman, Simon & Oksana; $360,000.