Better roadways needed

I am writing in support of the upcoming city-wide tax increase of .15 percent to support our city roads and bridges. I urge all city residents to vote Yes for this initiative.

Most of us drive around town. It certainly is no secret that our community continues to grow, with more and more traffic congestion. We have to be able to maintain our roads. The city budget can accommodate only so much each year. This small income tax increase will generate roughly $2.2 million per year to be applied solely to road and bridge infrastructure.

My wife and I reside on the west side of town. Getting across town – from west to east or vice versa – is a major undertaking these days. With the passage of this income tax initiative, we all can expect to benefit from a major improvement out at the “point” on the far east side of town near the railroad underpass, not to mention other road improvements such as a new connector road on the west side of town between Central Avenue and William Street, and a connector road on the far north side of town to Troy Road.

My thinking is that this will be a really good use of local tax dollars directly benefiting all or most of us in town.

Delaware is a continually growing community and we need to be able to properly provide roadways to move folks across town in a timely fashion. For those with more questions, I would encourage you to visit the city’s website for additional information. Thank you.

— Jack Hilborn