Writer thinks tax bill is insane

Trump came to office promising to “drain the swamp.” Now Republicans are creating a new swamp of virtual insanity. The GOP tax bill is insane — by violating their previous promises.

It’s insane to promise fiscal responsibility — then pass a bill with a $1.5 trillion deficit.

It’s insane to promise the bill will pay that debt — when reputable economists know otherwise.

It’s insane to say it’s for the middle class — when many middle class will see tax increases.

It’s insane that middle class benefits — are dwarfed by disproportionally generous cuts for the wealthy.

It’s insane that the “middle class tax bill” makes middle class cuts temporary — but are permanent for the rich.

It’s insane to call the tax bill a “reform” — when it requires over 400 (complicated, obscure) pages.

It’s obscenely insane such a profound bill was not subject responsible hearings and careful evaluation.

Certainly it’s insane to pass legislation that Americans disapprove by a 2 to 1 margin.

Yes, it’s insane. Apparently Republicans think insanity makes a better swamp.

William A. McCartney,


William A. McCartney,