SourcePoint provides chances to ’pay it forward’

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I’m 55 and qualify for many of the programs at SourcePoint, Delaware County’s nonprofit that invites everyone to “thrive after 55.” I have come to value a community that provides services for their aging population. That’s why it’s important we vote yes May 8 to support senior services.

I began volunteering shortly after the death of my father in 2015. He lived with my mother in our family home until the last weeks of his life. I lived 450 miles away and was not able to help with the daily troubles my mom faced while caring for my dad. Getting to her own appointments was difficult because my dad could not be left alone. A simple errand, such as fetching groceries, was complicated. Despite the help my mom received, she struggled — but she accomplished her goal to keep Dad at home as long as she could.

Shortly after this time, someone introduced me to SourcePoint and suggested I might enjoy volunteering to drive clients to their medical appointments. Since this had been a challenge my mom faced, I signed up. Each person I drive has his or her own reason for needing transportation help. Clients are thankful for all the services they receive from SourcePoint. When I drive, I feel that I’m — in a small way — paying back those who helped my parents when I could not.

Perhaps I’m also hoping to pay it forward. If I live to be old enough to have needs I cannot meet without help, I hope to live in a community that provides it. From my mom’s experience, I realize it’s difficult to ask your family to do everything. Community programs allow the older person to feel independent and able to get done the things they need without constantly asking a loved one for help.

SourcePoint’s goal is to keep the residents of Delaware County safely in their own homes as long as possible. The exercise classes, Meals on Wheels, and driving services just scratch the surface. I am proud to live in a community that values “thriving after 55” and is willing to put in the time, planning, funding, and effort to make that a reality.

Shirley Andrews-Sharer


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