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Sherry Fisher - Advertising Manager & General Manager

Sherry Fisher : Advertising Manager & General Manager


About Sherry Fisher:

Andrew Carter - Editor

Andrew Carter : Editor


About Andrew Carter:

Jeanne DeWeese - Office manager

Jeanne DeWeese : Office manager


About Jeanne DeWeese:

Ben Stroup - Sports Editor

Ben Stroup : Sports Editor


About Ben Stroup:

Joshua Keeran - Reporter

Joshua Keeran : Reporter


About Joshua Keeran:

Covers city government in Delaware and Powell and the Olentangy Local School District.

Glenn Battishill - Reporter

Glenn Battishill : Reporter


About Glenn Battishill:

Covers law enforcement and courts as well as Delaware City Schools. Has been with The Gazette for two years.

D. Anthony Botkin - Reporter

D. Anthony Botkin : Reporter


About D. Anthony Botkin:

Covers Buckeye Valley schools and county and township government. A veteran journalist from the Dayton area.

Gary Budzak - Sunbury News editor

Gary Budzak : Sunbury News editor


About Gary Budzak:


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