‘We need to eliminate 30 full-time administrators’


To the editor:

Regarding Delaware City Schools: Do more with less.

My recommendation to the school board is to eliminate (Superintendent Paul) Craft. Three times he says he doesn’t want to go to the voters for a levy, but that will be his only choice. That is like shaking your head “no” and meaning “yes.” Time for him to go.

I don’t want to hear a word about cutting teachers or programs. Let’s cut administrators and administrative staff. (Richard) Stranges’ contract has been signed, but should not have been. How many assistant principals are there at Hayes? Divide up the job, (and) rotate them in this position so that they get the experience.

Eliminate costs! Hire no more administrative staff. Stranges is costing the taxpayers close to $150,000, not including the fact he is a double-dipper.

In the next two years, we need to eliminate 30 full-time administrators. That will help balance the budget. Who on this school board knows what is going on? Craft alone is costing the school system more than $150,000, including benefits.

If they want a levy, I want to see jobs, titles and responsibilities of every administrative person and how much they are costing taxpayers. No more “fill-in teachers” — use the administrators for these positions. We need a school board that thinks out of the box. Find a revenue stream other than a levy or eliminate administrators and staff.

Let administrators learn to multi-task like they used to.

John Riggs


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