‘All it needs to do is spread seeds in right places’


To the editor:

I welcome (David) Soliday to the discussion (“‘Christianity alive and well in Delaware,” June 3 letter).

First, just because I did not provide examples (in a May 29 letter) of Christian persecution in America doesn’t mean I can’t. Although it has not come to the level it has in the Middle East, its foot is in America’s door. One must realize that everything in this world starts out small. A weed in your garden began as a small seed; if pulled when it’s small, it is not a problem. But if (it is) allowed to mature and go to seed, it can destroy the good plants in that garden.

If any of my statements seem like fear-mongering to Soliday, I can assure him they are not. There is a big difference between fear-mongering and awakening. My intent was to awaken readers to a potential serious problem that has just sprouted that, if allowed to go to seed, will destroy religious freedom for not only Christians, but every other religion, except radical Islam. If anyone can’t see it, they are not looking for it.

As to his belief that the U.S. Constitution guarantees religious, or any other freedoms for that matter, (it) indicates that he has not been paying attention to what has been happening to it from day one to present day. Some of those who have sworn an oath to God to protect and abide by it, have so bastardized it that it is becoming worthless, and the citizens whose benefit it was written for, have failed to perform their due diligence to ensure that those sworn oaths were carried out. The Constitution is law, but just as any other law requires obedience to it to be effective, that has been slowly evaporating over the years, thanks to progressive government.

As I read the First Amendment, nowhere in it does it guarantee freedom from religion or freedom from speech. “Freedom of” was interpreted by progressives in the Supreme Court to mean “freedom from,” and they made it the law of the land. Madalyn Murray O’Hair, an atheist, initiated this with her lawsuit, claiming that she was so offended by having to see a manger displayed on public property that it must be removed, citing the separation of church and state clause; and the decision in that case was given by a progressive-minded Supreme Court. Soon after that decision, the Ten Commandments of God Himself began being removed from public property, (along with) prayer from public schools and reciting the Pledge of Allegiance, because it mentioned God in it.

To address the slaughter of Christians coming to America, I would like to point out that in a few areas of the country, there are already areas controlled by radical Islamists that are under Sharia law, where non-Muslims are not allowed, and no police will enter. Again, this is just a seed but, if allowed to mature and produce more seeds, it will spread from one neighborhood to another, until it overtakes the cities. As cities fall, soon it’s the state, and as states fall, so does America. It doesn’t take all cities or states to fall, just key ones. I can expand on this, and gladly will in the future, but space is limited.

The progressive ideology began as a seed, or an idea if you will, that when it sprouted, was not recognized as a weed and pulled from the soil of America’s garden of freedom. If such an ideology can take control of America, it is not beyond the realm of possibility that the radical Islamic ideology can also. All it needs to do is spread its seeds in the right places. …

Stefan Schemine


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